01  In Allegiance To The Unknowable
02  The Remains Of Earlier Temples
03  Fare Il Proprio (Autres Directions)
04  Notre Soulèvement
05  North Wind Through The Gates Of Hearing
06  Asymmetrical Harmony And The Dissolution Of Reality
07  Here (Au Bord De L’Univers)
08  Temple Of Names
09  Attunement For A Thunderstorm
10  Temple Of Names (James Place remix — digital bonus track)

25  OCT  2019

Umor Rex • Catalog UR122

Recorded and Mixed at Wulkan Studies by Sol Oosel (Tepoztlán, México).

Mastered at Black Knoll Studios by Rafael Anton Irisarri (New York, USA).

Design by Daniel Castrejón, photographs by Diego Berruecos.



1080p please : P





by Sol Oosel & Mario García Torres


Saturday, August the 3rd, 18h
Requires prior registration
Place: Exhibition Hall. Universidad Torcuato DI Tella. Av. Figueroa Alcorta 7350. CABA. Argentina.
The exhibition can be visited from Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. until August 23



PRESS RELEASE - July 2019 The Art Department of the Torcuato Di Tella University is pleased to invite you to Practical Demonstrations of Unique Quantum Systems as Mechanisms to Produce Resonances in the Earth's Atmosphere, a performatic conference by artists Sol Oosel and Mario García Torres where the past resynchronizes with the present, through sound, music and spoken word. On Saturday, August 3 at 6pm, in the UTDT Exhibition Hall, the artists will bring sounds collected from places that witnessed in the sixties the activity at the Torcuato Di Tella Institute and the Latin American Center for Higher Musical Studies (CLAEM). These sounds, as well as those generated by the electronic instruments constructed and used in those years at CLAEM, will be part of the sound experiments conducted at the performatic conference. An atmospheric conference where the resonances of these avant-garde activities give rise to a transtemporal collaboration.

The Conductors of Transtemporal Resonances are two works by artists Sol Oosel and Mario García Torres. Each one consists of a number of copper-covered panels that conducted all sounds produced in Practical Demonstrations of Unique Quantum Systems as Mechanisms to Produce Resonances in the Earth's Atmosphere, a performatic conference by the artists held in Buenos Aires in the summer of 2019. During the presentation of Practical Demonstrations, the artists evoked, through sound, music and spoken word, the characters - and their activities - that were part of the avant-garde Institute di Tella and the Latin American Center for Higher Musical Studies (CLAEM), which functioned during the sixties in the Argentine capital. All the sounds produced during the performance, both by the original analog oscillators and the rest of the pieces of furniture rescued from the CLAEM, as well as by the voices of the artists and their contemporary synthesizers were conducted, before their reproduction in speakers, through the Conductors of Transtemporal Resonances. Thus the panels that at one time looked like decoration of the set were essential elements in the transmission of the recanalized energies. Both pieces: I am flooded by the inconceivable silence of what was and The loving state of the intentions contained before were, although in an invisible way, affected and reconstituted by what was developed in the performatic conference.





Exhibited April 13, 2019
at Potluck No. 1
curated by Alejandro Romero
for U.S.S.R Mexico City











FANUM no.1

An Exhibition / Liturgy by Ana Montiel and Sol Oosel
January 20th 2019  -  June 20th 2019.  josegarcia ,mx gallery (Mérida, México)


Fanum no.1 (Inner Sun) is a liturgy or exhibition composed by several stages, the final one being Inner Sun (Lumen Naturae), a light and sound piece that materializes inside each of its witnesses.

Upon entering the gallery antechamber with the intention of cleanse and renewal (Identity Found and Lost) welcomes the visitors, then a fire ceremony (Liminla Fire - let’s point to the gates of the sun and the land of dreams) to open onself to the unknown, next, a rotating sculpture designed to be played by two people at the same time (Litany - Oneness) works like a mantra to transcend the phenomenology of human experience and in particular its illusion of individuality and separation.

The above three pieces were conceived to assist the visitors during the journey, and for them to arrive open and focused to Inner Sun (Lumen Naturae), the climax of the liturgy.

Lumen Naturae is a term from the alchemic tradition that refers to the idea of light within darkness, or inner light.

The soundtrack of each of the Inner Sun (Lumen Naturae) performances is unique and created in-situ while we experience the flickering light show.
The tradition of inducing extra-ordinary states of consciousness through sound and flickering lights is not new. There are stories that tell how Nostradamus rhythmically shook his hand while staring at the sun in order for the flickering sunlight to alter his waking state, yaki indians have been known to play with flashlights during peyote ceremonies and more recently Brion Gysin and William Borroughs created the “dream machine”. A rotating device to look at with your eyes closed that produces visual stimuli. In the recent decades we’ve seen a revisitation of flickering light in rave culture, where states of transcendence once again are aided with repetitive music and flashing lights.

Auditory driving (inducing altered states of consciousness through steady drumming) is still the most widely used tool in shamanic traditions around the world to enter a state of trance.

“Identity Found and Lost” and “Liminal Fire (let’s point to the gates of the sun and the land of dreams)” are atavistic exercises for self-awareness and inner expansion, while “Litany (Oneness)” and “Inner Sun (Lumen Naturae)” rely on repetition to transcend our ordinary states of consciousness and connect with a realm of revery within.

Ana Montiel, 2019



ref — SOL#002







Sound has may traits. An Opening In Your Dream Body (a series of performances) is a shout-out to one of these: the power of helping a listener cross from one state of consciousness to another.

a state of mind in which someone is or seems to be unaware of their immediate surroundings.

Is this a proper definition? Do you agree that nothing is, everything just seems to be? Is it smart to place a frontier between what´s immediate and what´s not? Are my surroundings infinite? Does “I” includes my surroundings? Is “I” a stale term? If the part of infinity that we can be aware of is minuscule (arguably to the point of irrelevance), is to dream with our conjectures our constant? Inspired by anything in our surroundings, have we a different state of consciousness with every pulse? Aren´t we all, inevitably, constant psychonauts? May what seems irrelevant and useless in one state of consciousness end up beneficial and powerful and in another state of consciousness? Is attention the most valuable asset? Does the plethora of thresholds we constantly cross make up what Robert Anton Wilson refers to as a reality tunnel? Are we answering every question with, “ just seems”? Can god move?



cover artwork by Ana Montiel

THE SUN            CASTS


Janus is my debut album as a solo musician. In a certian Rome, Janus is the god of doors, thresholds, transitions, beginnings as well as endings. Janus is commonly portrayed with two faces, each one attending a different direction.

The electronics of modular synthesizers, the olympic spirits of New wave, Krautrock beats, the plausible nonsense of No wave, Californian psychedelia, the colors of rural Mexican life, the thresholds between different states of consciousness, and overall the intimacy with oneself were some of the subjects that inspired.

Janus counts with the participation of distinguished colleagues: Yamil Rezc, Rodrigo Dávila from Villa Lobos, Alejandro Constanzo from Pura Crema, Migue from She’s a Tease, Julián from Disco Ruido, Phil Vinall, Renato del Real, Jose from Da Punto Beat, and Memo Guerra from Abstrakt Muzak.


The Dark Side Of The Sun

I’m feeling fine with the meltdown.
Forecasting the past we’ll survive.

I’m feeling fine with not knowing.
Greek distorted seas inhabit light.

The sun casts a shadow in your mind.
Heavy rain is gonna to fall fall fall on your side.

Blueish greenish blood will speak of meaning.
I can feel the fire rise within.

Stand between the walls of Libyan Merits.
Janus may you dawn who we are.



ref — SOL#001


Sol explains, “The way Jaime channels his moves is very akin to the way I jabber some of my vocals; the sense of it seems to hide beyond the schooled language”.

For Sol Oosel’s first music single, Mario García Torres produced and directed a video in which he addresses innovative polish dramaturge Jerzy Grotowski’s methods. Grotowski, one of the main contributors to contemporary performance, created a psychophysical system of exercises to redefine the bodily and mental consciousness of the performer. In a psychedelic manner, the video consists of Jaime Soriano (Grotowski’s Mexican colleague) channeling cathartic dance movements to the song and of a dialogue, written by García Torres, that connects the ideas of everyone involved.

Press release

VIDEO by Mario Garcia Torres with the performance of Jaime Soriano



Se trata de una disciplina que tiende a la superación de la condición individual para ir más allá del propio Yo.

Se trata de una disciplina que se basa en partículas detalladas y definidas, en estructuras técnicas y ejercicios que nos permiten salir de la mecanicidad de la repetición de la vida cotidiana y reencontrar el flujo vital en el aquí y en el ahora, en la experiencia del presente.

Se trata de una disciplina que nos provee de ciertos instrumentos y de cierta competencia técnica que luego podrán ser utilizadas con fines profesionales en el caso del actor por ejemplo, o con fines personales en el caso de la vida propia.

- Jaime Soriano en referencia a sus prácticas.



A total of nine sonic performances at josegarcia,mx booth ARTE BA - Buenos Aires (Argentina)

The number matrix announces the schedule for nine performances.

The first performance happens from 15:11 pm to 15:55 pm on the twenty third of May, 2018.

The last performance happens from 19:30 pm to 19:53 pm on the twenty fifth of May, 2018.

One plus five plus one plus one plus one plus five plus five plus five plus two plus three plus cero plus five plus two plus cero plus one plus eight equals forty five. Four plus five equals nine. In the same manner, the numbers of each line can be reduced to number nine.

The first day a total of 7,020 seconds were performed. The second day a total of 6,300 seconds were performed. The third day a total of 5,580 seconds were performed. In total 18,900 seconds were performed. All these numbers, in the same manner as before, can be reduced to number nine.

All these seconds and numbers, the math and the magic of number nine are just relevant to the poster that announces the schedule of the sonic performances. The sonic performances have to do with something else...

} {







Los artistas Mario García Torres y Sol Oosel realizarán una presentación performática del libro Las relaciones mentales de Eduardo Costa. Entre textos sobre el artista argentino, escritos de su autoría y música compuesta a partir de sus letras, se creará una lectura no-literal de la publicación.

Publicado con motivo de la exposición homónima en el Museo Tamayo, la edición realiza un recorrido por el trabajo literario y visual que Costa ha desarrollado a lo largo de más de seis décadas, a través de textos, material de archivo y un desplegado visual que, en conjunto, permiten generar un panorama amplio del interés del artista argentino por los medios de comunicación, los happenings, la música, la literatura oral, la poesía y la moda.

12 de Noviembre, 2017.


Documentary of an expermiental concrete sculpture workshop organized by Tezontle Studio at Las Pozas (Xilitla, Mexico)

On August, 2016, Lucas Cantú y Carlos Matos of "Tezontle Studio" invited me to produce a video piece as they, with the rest of "Beton Machine", conducted an experimental concrete sculpture workshop in Edward James’ garden in Xilitla, San Luis Potosí. On October of the same year, the video piece was exhibited (modified for two screens), alongside a selection of the produced sculptures, at Mexico City’s Galería Marso. David Stent (Chair of The Edward James Research Committee) read fragments of "Xilatlan Taziol" a poem written by Edward Silence himself.


Performance and sound piece for a Mario García Torres art project.

Tetela is a film that forms part of 'The Strange Things My Eyes See', Mario García Torres' solo show for gallery Neugerreimschneider in Berlín, presented the 16th of September in 2015. Sol Oosel collaborated as an actor, sound man, and composing the music of the film.

'The Strange Things My Eyes See'
Installation view, neugerriemschneider, Berlin
September 17 - October 31, 2015

© Mario García Torres - Photo: Jens Ziehe, Berlin. Courtesy the artist and neugerriemschneider, Berlin