S O L   O O S E L


Artist, performer, sculptor, sonic landscaper, filmmaker, dancer, muito acordado, muito faminto, muito fogoso, heavy rain is gonna fall. Do not be mean. Jung was on the way to Schaffhausen. Yes, I saw how the king of Spain was murdered. Claiming to be mainly unconscious, in search for belief systems yet to be imagined, Sol recurrently explores the concept of “I” with it’s elusive limits, and considers that which the human condition misses. 



Sol Oosel (b. 1977, Monterrey, Mexico)

Active since the 1990s,

Sol Oosel begins his artistic experience with two clear directions: one in sound and the other in the visual. In terms of sound, he has worked with sound installations, noise projects, improvised ensembles of non-musicians, concrete music albums, and many musical bands. The visual, after studying cinematography in Spain (ESCAC, 2004), has been strongly influenced by his interest in cinema and the performing arts.

Sol Oosel has consistently pursued the elusive limits of identity; mostly questioning the workings of sound and matter, always aware of the existence of the unknowable, sometimes touching on theories of animism and the holotropic sense. His projects tend to output sound work, film work, painting and/or sculpture.

Collaboration is an important practice in Sol's career; from collaborations with collectives, to collaborations with other artists, as he has done for years with Mario García Torres and on occasions with Ana Montiel, to his most recent project, a performance ensemble named 22.

Sol lives and works in Mexico City.